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2009-07-06 20:53:45 by stikguyawesomeness7

awesome, ART PORTAL!


2009-04-26 19:48:13 by stikguyawesomeness7

do any of you know how to upload 'pivot' animations onto newgrounds? only leave useful things.


2009-04-05 01:59:50 by stikguyawesomeness7


Which baseball team is better? The New York Yankees or the Oakland A's. For basketball teams, are the Boston Celtics or the Los Angeles Lakers better??

Which one is better Robot Chicken or American Dad? If you leave a comment you can have a pile of soggy waffles!! If you like syrup you can all have some of that stuff too!! So what do you say, do you want to vote?? By the way heres a picture I made using paint. Mohawks are Cool

Make a freaken decision!!!!


2009-02-17 13:31:16 by stikguyawesomeness7

Have any of you ever been on adult swim . If you did and you have played my lil' bastard, can any of you help me with the "drunk" stage? Please, I'm desperate!!!!!!!! This is what the game is about, for you guys that don't know, you get to pick if you want your pet, or bastard to be a girl or a boy. Then you have to feed it, clean it, teach it how to use a computer, and things like that. Anyways, the hard parts are the toliet training and the part that I'm stuck on, Drunk. if any of you beat the game, or know a walkthrough please reply................. What do you like better Family Guy or Robot chicken.

<no subject>

2009-02-02 22:13:50 by stikguyawesomeness7

OH MY GAWD. I wish I had a Rootbeer Float with whip cream and a cherry on top. Anyways, did you know that Coca-Cola can be used to SHINE a car's grill?? And salmon can be cooked in a dishwasher. what soda and ice cream do you think makes the best float? Dead Banana= cruel society. EMO Emotionaly Mad Ostrich. i think

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2009-01-07 18:20:16 by stikguyawesomeness7

Anyone out there know what font is used for the Newgrounds title?!!?!? Paper guns rock. I also made a pen gun, that shoots. When I tested it the bullet thing went through a piece of cardboard!! Anyways I am making a paper rifle right now. If you have any tips can you tell me. If you would like to know how to make one go to youtube and search, HOW TO MAKE A PAPER RIFLE, GUN, OR PEN GUN they have just about everything. What type of soda do ya guys like?